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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see, a Q&A below, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can call, email, or use our chatbot.

Is there an age limit to drive the vans?

Yes, 25 per our insurance policy. 

Do you charge extra fees for mileage? 

We allow 125 miles per day, that is accumulative. Anything over the allotted mileage is $0.35 a mile.


Are they easy to drive? 

Yes, very similar to an SUV. All of our campervans are equipped with backup cameras. 

Do the vans need to be plugged into shore power? 

No, they are outfitted with solar panels and designed to be off-grid and sustainable for several days. However, you can plug into shore power for more juice. 

Where do we dump grey water?

Check the local State guidelines because each State regulations disposal a little differently.

However, most RV parks or camp grounds have disposal areas. 

Do the campervans accommodate child car seats? 

Yes, we have two vans that safely secure and transport up to two car seats. Ask us for details.

Are there limitations on where we can take the campervans? 

You can travel anywhere in the continental United States. 

Van are only to be driven on maintained roads, and roads requiring 4x4 should be avoided. 

Do you have recommendations on where to explore?
Yes, check out our Adventure Guides and Blogs for trip ideas. We are happy to help plan your trip too!

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